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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no minimum spend required to earn or redeem your cash back. You start earning cash back when you make your first qualifying purchase with your registered card at participating locations. You can Cashout whenever you like!

Currently, Jemjar only supports Bitcoin but will quickly begin to offer other options as our network grows – sign up here to receive updates on jemjar.

Yes. you can only use jemjar when someone invites you, once you tell a friend you can earn a % of their earnings for life – so the more people you invite, the more earning potential for you.

Jemjar does not limit how many debit or credit cards you can add! We actually encourage you link as many cards as you have so you can earn cashback effortlessly!

Yes! Jemjar is perfect for double dipping on rewards from your credit card.

Your data security is our priority. We provide bank-grade security with _____________ Communication with linked accounts is done using HTTPS (256 bit encryption) to ensure security and privacy across our app. For full details please see our privacy policy.

We receive read-only access to the accounts you link to Jemjar so that means while we can pull in into the app for your viewing we do not have access to your account. All we can see is; date of purchase, the name of the store & the amount spent. We use this information to reward you properly! Full details around data capture and usage are in our privacy policy.

All Bitcoin earned from the Jemjar ecosystem is stored in your GRC wallet. In doing this, the wallet gives a complete overview and management of all loyalty cash back earned. This means that all loyalty programs and applications in the GRC ecosystem are 100 percent compatible, giving customers full freedom of choice.

With such a wide array of businesses who serve simultaneously as digital currency sources and spending outlets for consumers within a single ecosystem, even the most inexperienced users will gain confidence in Bitcoin operations. Global Rewards City is gradually becoming a large-scale vehicle for implementing Bitcoin into the everyday reality of regular people.