The new way
to retain loyal customers.

Discounts and stamps are so last-generation. Jemjar lets you reward loyal customers with cost-effective crypto-rewards they’ll love.

local businesses

Jemjar’s backing independent stores, cafes, and restaurants all the way. We’re using blockchain technology to help you attract and reward customers in an exciting, fair, and simple way.

High tech.
Low cost. User friendly.

Want to use Jemjar? All you need is an app and a QR code. No running costs. No new hardware. Simple.

Tap into crypto fever

More and more people are investing in Bitcoin, Ether, and other crypto-currencies. Stay ahead of the curve and get involved!

Drive word-of-mouth marketing

Your customers are the best advocates you have. Reward them with Jems when they promote your business: on- and offline.

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Let’s build a new, fair, and truly valuable customer reward ecosystem!